Thursday, June 5, 2008

Taking A Break From the Game

My lack of posts lately has coincided directly with the beginning of summer vacation. That's right, 12 straight weeks of no work and no grad school, and it's a nice break, I personally just got back from Southern California with my family, and now we're just trying to get the house clean so we can rest and feel relaxed.

In any case, what I've been going through, the early recovery stages of summer, is common among most teachers. The school year is so long and hard, that the first two or three weeks of summer are just spent gathering yourself, then the rest of summer can be fully enjoyed. I'm just now getting to the 'fully enjoyed' stages of summer vacation.

I do plan on keeping on top of this blog all summer, but I know that the depth may not be there to an extent that it would be in, say, October, when I'm in the middle of the school year, my research, and my own studies. This weekend, I'm going to be looking through boxes of books I brought home to catalog, so some of my posts will be related to that.