Thursday, July 10, 2008

Goodreads: Another Classroom Resource Possibility

I've always enjoyed discussing the books I've read, and finally ran across Reading Social, an application within Facebook where I could make a list of books I've read, want to read, and am currently reading. I could also rate books and leave reviews. The main problem with this is it felt pretty limited by Facebook.

Recently I found, a great book networking site with many options, many members, and the ability to form groups. I ran across classroom groups from anywhere 4th grade and up into college. It was great to find such a nice application to use, and I wanted to discuss its benefit to the classroom.

Within, there is the ability to make groups, and set them to private (even to the point that outsiders can't even see who is a member). I am planning on using a group, having each of my 5th graders (once the year starts in August) make a profile, and share books through the group interface in Goodreads. Within this, I can start discussions, post books we're reading, will read, or have read (students can do this as well), put events and reminders on the page, and basically interact with my students online at any time. I am thinking right now about how to incorporate Goodreads into my reading program, which is also still in development. Hopefully by the time school starts, I will have a complete, working program to share with everyone. Until then, I recommend Goodreads, both for its networking value and its possible educational value.